Rabbi Akiva, at age forty, said:

“If a rock, though extremely hard, can be hollowed out by water, how much more so should it be possible for Torah, which is compared to water, to change my heart, which is soft! I will begin to study it, and try to become a Torah scholar.” Avos d’Rabbi Nosson 6

The inspiration of that insight continues today in the Old City of Jerusalem, at the Rabbi Akiva Yeshiva.

It’s never too late to learn.

“I can’t learn. I’m too old to learn. I don’t know Hebrew or Aramaic,” says Mr. Irving Salid. “But Rabbi Shalom Gold convinced me that I was wrong. And set out to prove it, too.”

A Jew is never too old to learn. The new students can learn Hebrew and Aramaic if taught in a proper way. And thanks to ArtScroll and Feldheim publishing houses, and the Yeshivah’s unique teaching methods, many older men without any yeshivah background are learning day and night, “inside” the text, and not just listening to lectures.